In April 2013, our chosen charity for the “pound for pound” challenge is Grapevine; we donate £1.00 for every lb lost by our members during our April Bootcamps around Coventry and Warwickshire.

Grapevine is a fantastic local charity that was suggested to us by several of our members.  The help they provide is vast and varied but is focused on helping local people with a learning disability to develop the strengths and relationships they need.

They work with around 200 learning disabled young people and adults a year helping them have a life like anyone else’s.  Grapevine offer them and their families help with planning what they want, support to speak up to get the right support, and then a chance to meet new people who can be there when services can’t be.

‘Being connected to other people, having friends and people you can count on, playing a useful role in life, being a citizen – these are the things that make life worthwhile and, for most people, they are free.  But people who have a learning disability often need some support to get a life connected to others – people who will help them to develop the strength and skills to cope with life’s ups and downs. And that help is available in communities if we know how to find it.  This is Grapevine’s speciality.  Building on the strengths of individuals and the positive things in communities is the heart of our approach.’

You can read more about Grapevine on their website – and donate directly to them at –

If you would like to take part in our April bootcamp and help to raise funds for Grapevine while getting in great shape and losing weight click the link above.

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