bootcamp back to school

Our next block of Achieve Bootcamp starts on Monday.

After a summer of ice-cream and cocktails we like to use September as a month of getting “Back to Basics” with our members on their nutrition and exercise plans.

The further down the bootcamp journey our members go the more we can individualise their nutrition plans and adapt the exercise we give them outside of the sessions to suit their goals.  However, it is good to have a re-boot a few times per year to get the results heading in the right direction.

We are going to focus on our members getting the basics correct, we can then tweak them to suit and keep them inspired and motivated.  I caught up with a member this morning for a goal setting session and have established his goal for the next 12 months, to lose 10 stone and compete in a sprint triathlon.  We will provide all the tools necessary to achieve that goal and keep pushing towards it until they get there.

Fran and I are also getting “Back to Basics” with our own nutrition, you can read more about the reasons why over on our blog.  We will be setting up an accountability group on Facebook to provide additional support for our members, this will help us all, particularly those that struggle to stay on track.

To take part in the “Back to Basics” bootcamp, just sign up to your preferred venue (including @home) and we’ll send you everything you need to do.


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