Some of regular members were going to struggle getting to bootcamp this month because of work, family and study pressures.  We wanted them to continue with the success they have been getting and came up with the idea of an online bootcamp and thus Achieve Bootcamp @ Home was born.  It is in it’s trial phases at the moment and will be released to the public next month.

One of or members haas kindly agreed to blog about her experience on the programme, so over to Catherine.

Hi guys, my name is Catherine and I’m a working mother of two young boys I’m going to be joining you on your journey over the next four weeks with Achieve Bootcamp @ Home.

Although I’m no stranger to achieve this is also a new journey for me and I join you with a new goal, I’m going on holiday in 8 weeks and like most people I want to feel comfortable in some summer clothes.

I probably have a lot in common with you guys so I hope my blog will help you along, as well as your support from Darren and Fran

Before I found Achieve and The Real Food Plan, I had tried most diets like weight watchers and slimming world etc, slimming world was a bit happy clapping for me but they all had the same thing in common, the look of disappointment  when you didn’t lose weight, I remember having a really good week  feeling really good before getting on the scales and the look of the leaders face  when you had put on weight  or stayed the same, my reaction was always the same I felt shamed and ran to the nearest chippy.  The thing is that you may not always lose weight, you may be losing inches and it is important how you feel and how you look.

During my time at Achieve no one has looked disappointed when I haven’t lost weight, if I haven’t been getting my results we look at the reasons why , Darren and Fran always seem to find me the answers. I don’t run to the chip shop any more I tend to run to a clothes shop as my reward is no longer food it is a new top or some new jeans.

My Goals is to lose 1 stone over the next 4 weeks in my blog I will post about what I’m eating, how I’m getting on with my exercise, my highs and lows and also my results.

Good Luck x

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