The year really has flown by, with all of the stress of our fertility treatment at the start of the year and my Nephews wedding in the middle, the end of the year has hit us both as a bit of a surprise.
The year we have had has certainly taken it’s toll on our bodies, mine through comfort eating and Fran’s due to the chemicals and fake hormones associated with fertility treatment.  Six months in, Fran is finally starting to feel like herself again and has been training hard to get back in shape.
I’ve had little niggles and injuries as a result of not really looking after myself properly when training and below my usual standard of nutrition.
It’s the time of year when everyone tells me that they will start their new programme or plan in the New Year.  That is utter rubbish and means that there will be 47 days when you give yourself the excuse not to get started and continue to abuse your health.  Imagine the difference you could make to your body and your starting point in the New Year if you were to focus from today.
And that’s assuming that you started on New Years day rather than the first Monday of 2014 because we all need to start on a Monday, 5 more days, 52 in total.  Just because a magazine or friend has convinced you that the time to start is a Monday and the New Year, you could be wasting 52 days of results.
Now I’m realistic and know that December is a time to relax and enjoy the festivities, if I had hair mine would be well and truly down.  However, I also know that it’s easy to destroy all of the hard work that you have put in to get to where you are now.
That’s why we run our December Damage Limitation Bootcamp.
We offer solutions to prevent the standard 10-14lbs weight gain over the month of December.
Our members will know exactly what to do before they go out on the town to reduce there chances of undoing all of there hard work.
One of the nutrition back up plans that I have used to reduce hangovers and the likelihood of craving crap for two days after is a greens drink.  If you haven’t come across them before, they are essentially freeze dried green vegetable powder.
They are not a meal replacement in anyway and I would never sell my soul to that Devil.  They are a back up plan to add some extra nutrients in when your body needs them or if your diet isn’t rich in real foods in general.
To be honest most greens drinks taste like crap, we have tried lots over the past 4 years of drinking them.  The least inoffensive of the ones we’ve tried are:
Lean Greens –
Pukka – Clean Greens
and Phil Richards range of Greens Drinks.

If you are planning on some heavy nights out over the festive season, they can really help to pull you round and stop you feeling so bad.  Definitely worth the investment, they have other benefits which I will write about soon.

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