Catherine is blogging about her experience of following our soon to be launched home bootcamp.

Well this is the first day with a home work out and note to self don’t set the heating to come on for when I get out of bed on Wednesday for my workout, it was like doing a work out in a sauna.

Apart from that little error it was great working in the comfort of my own home and it did look a little wet and grim outside. I managed to do my work out before my boys got out of bed so no interruption to my morning routine

I feel have escaped a detox headache today, I just have a bit of a muzzy head, I don’t know why all diets start on a Monday it’s one of my busiest days. I am lucky though because as Mondays go it has been quite a good one.

I had my fresh juice for breakfast with some Brazil nuts and almonds, some homemade soup at lunch and some lovely fish pie for tea.  I have plenty of water but I know I should drink more, loving my fruit teas again I have found a new one its green rooibos, pear and vanilla, its nice!

Well ready to do my stretches before bed as everything is ready for tomorrow, children in bed and I will be ready to go at about 10pm.

Roll on day two

You can get a copy of Catherine’s fish pie recipe at

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