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Catch up day.

Today is my chance to catch up with everything, it is usually my day off work but I had Monday off with my son who was ill so I’m going to catch up on missed work.

I am also behind on a work out so I will catch up with that today also.

I start the day with a fresh juice, today was apple, carrot, parsnip, beetroot and ginger.

Then on to work with catch up day.

I had to fly to the shops on the way home because I’m cooking for darts tonight.

I’m going to make cottage pie.

I had mixed salad and houmous and crackers for lunch.

Then on to collect the children, my youngest is still not 100% so he was staying with my Sister.

So I wait for my husband to come home before I can do my work out.  Its 100 exercises today 10 of each different exercises.

My husband can see I’m not feeling it today; it’s been a long week so he got the pads out and let me punch him for 10mins

To get showered, then to make my cottage pie for the darts team, I’m going to eat mine before I go, because it’s too late when we finish darts.

We didn’t win but the cottage pie went down really well, not a chip or sandwich in sight, which was a result for me.

I hope everyone enjoyed there Valentine’s day, mine was about sharing the love today , going in to work showed my love for work, catching up with my work out showed my love for me and my family by keeping fit, my cooking showed my love for good home cooked food.

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