Catherine is blogging about her experience of following our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home Programme.

Thank god it is Friday, I had a late night last night , so getting up this morning for the work out was hard, it was the accumulator today, I really enjoyed it but I’m glad it was done and out of the way.

Both boys feeling allot brighter today so on to the school run, fresh juice made for work so all set.

Work was busy this morning. A very nice patient brought me in some cake, fresh out the oven, wow it did smell good but I didn’t really want it, it was quite easy to give it to the girls in the office.

I was a bit naughty today I didn’t have time for lunch so I had a banana and some brazil nuts

I did have a really nice chicken stir fry for my tea it was worth waiting for.

I’m supposed to swim tonight but I’m just so tired, this is due to lack of sleep this week, I’m going to rest tonight to get strong for the rest of journey

I’m probably not feeling as confident about my results as I was last week but I’m pleased with my achievements this week.

I’m hoping for a healthy week next week.

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