Catherine is blogging about her experience of following our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home Programme.

Well, my weekend does not make very interesting reading unfortunately, we thought we were over the illness but we were wrong, my youngest is still not well, I have spent my weekend covered in calpol and sick, sorry but it’s the way it is.

I have managed to eat clean but there hasn’t been any work out or stretches, I have just managed to go out swimming I didn’t try to do my 300m today, my teacher had told me to focus on my breathing so I have been doing that.

My results haven’t been fantastic but to be honest they probably reflect the way I feel, I know this time last week I felt great and my results were great but this week has been a struggle, I haven’t slept, I probably haven’t drank enough, I tried my hardest to get my workouts in but I know well I could of worked harder.

I’m pleased I have done my measurements because they show a loss; although my weight loss was minimal ,my waist has reduced in size.

I’m not disappointed, this is realistic results for the week I have had.

I’m ready and waiting for week three. I’m going to smash it.

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