Catherine is blogging about her experience of following our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home Programme.

The great news is that health is now restored to the household; I’m feeling a little more normal today.

This morning’s work out was punisher, not as bad as it sounds but a good work out, at the end of the work out was a little add on where those pesky frog jumps made an appearance again but they are a little easier if you have a good up tempo song in the back ground, I don’t know if that is recommended but it works for me.

Mondays are normally a bit of punishment for me anyway but as Mondays go it wasn’t a bad one. I had a short morning at work as I had taken some hours back to spend with the boys as its half term.

I started my day as most days with a fresh juice and a peppermint tea.

For lunch we had salmon and vegetables.

Then it was out and about with the boys for some fresh air, the sun was shining and we felt pretty cooped up over the weekend.

Home for a DVD and some pottering, the boys had their tea; I don’t eat because it’s swimming on a Monday night.

Packed the boys off for a sleep over at Nan and Grandads because I have an early start at work in the morning

Now it’s time to go swimming, I would like to say it’s going well, but I still think I’m broken, I just don’t think I was meant to swim front crawl. It is very hard and I do feel there is a little bit of an improvement but it does feel slow. The one thing I do know is when I get out of the pool I am shattered.

Don’t ask about tea when I got home because it was very strange, I had grapes and natural yogurt then celery, houmous and olives, yes in that order.

I have been punished! I’m off to bed now I’m beat.

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