Catherine is blogging about her experience of following our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home Programme.

Well Darren has told me I should be feeling healthier today and he’s correct, it’s a lot easier to eat healthy if you feel healthy.

I had no children this morning and I almost slept in which is not like me at all but I did feel the benefit of the extra sleep.

The down side is that I didn’t have time to make my juice, so it was a case of grabbing fruit and flying out of the door.

After a busy morning at work it was time to collect the boys and do some bits and bobs.

Back home and all three of us did the extra exercises today which was step back lunges and some sun salutation although jack prefers to practice his handstands at this point, I must admit the handstands are getting good

Lunch today was jacket potato and salad, I feel it is a little cold still for salad but with a jacket potato it’s not too bad.

We had an afternoon of painting which went very well, minimal mess.

For tea was homemade vegetable soup, the boys had theirs , I’m going to have mine later as I’m off for a half term catch-up with the guys at Longford bootcamp.

So with an extra training session fitted in a nice shower and some nice homemade soup, I’m feeling cosy and ready for bed, in bed for about 1015 for me tonight.

Ready for my last day at work tomorrow before I have a few days off with the boys.

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