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Am I thin yet???

Well I managed to escape the detox headache but must admit I’ve been feeling a little grouchy today.

I’m normally fairly laid back and understanding but today everything has got on my nerves, a little side effect of detoxing, I felt like a nice cup of tea and a few custards creams would cure it all but I have managed to stick to my plan. For a while I thought why I do this so I went back to my goal to remind myself of what I want to achieve and why.

There was no work out today, just stretches. My plan was to get up early and do this before everyone got out of bed, unfortunately I didn’t get a great night sleep, our 4 year old came in to our bed in the middle of the night saying he was cold, by the time I had sorted him out I was wide awake so I made the decision to stay in bed and catch up with my sleep. I haven’t missed out on anything I just needed to find time in the day to catch up with it. Its life don’t chuck the towel in because something doesn’t go as planned, change the plan and rearrange

I chose to do my mobility work out when I got home from work, it was a good choice as it was a good distress and yes I don’t need my cup of tea!

Then off to collect the boys from school. Tea tonight was simple oven baked chicken breast and roasted veg  the boys love this too, don’t get me wrong they do pull the odd vegetable out and say I don’t like this one Mummy but they eat most of them.

I normally go to college to study photography on a Tuesday but I was skiving today to go to the Football, massive game for Coventry City tonight as it was the first leg of the area final for the JPT cup. You may not be interested in football but you may have evenings out when you are surrounded by fast food and alcohol. The smell is all around you when you go to these places, I wasn’t going to go hungry I had a good tea beforehand and brought a bottle of water with me, by halftime I was wishing I brought a flask of herbal tea as it was freezing. Try not to give in to the temptation we are just asking for four weeks and then you will be glad you said no when you get the results you planned for.

The result was very bad and we lost 3-0 well it was off to drown my sorrows with a nice cup of mint tea. I must admit I’m not doing my mobility work out before bed I’m tired, cold and I just wanted to go to bed. Work out day tomorrow I want a good night sleep and I hope I’m in a better mood.

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