Catherine is blogging about her experience of following our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home Programme.

I’m very sorry I have been away from blog writing for a few days, I have been up to the North East of England for a bit of a break with the family.  I have still continued with my home bootcamp, I just took it on tour.

The great thing is that you exercise routine can be done anywhere.  we stayed with my husband’s uncle and aunty so it was in a normal home environment, due to a technical error I couldn’t do the work out on the Friday but I did my extra exercises and did my work out on  the Saturday, I had all intentions of doing my work out outside as it’s ok jumping around your own kitchen/living room but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Well my plans soon changed when I was greeted by a good downfall of snow so it was back to the indoors plan. I was able to use the extension which gave me plenty of room.

I even managed to get down to the local pool on Sunday morning for a bit of swimming training too.

Food is always difficult when you are away, I must admit I couldn’t keep it 100% clean but I did my very best. I am aware that this is my Goal and not anyone else’s so I have to bring myself back on track now for my final week.

We had a fab time, lots of family time, lots of sledging in the snow, but I am now feeling a little sluggish today as my body readjusts to being back in my own environment.

I’m not quite at the target I would like to be at this time, so today I’m concentrating on giving my body a flushing out, lots of fluid, water, hot water and lemon, fresh juice and some coconut oil today. The rest of the week I will be trying to eat as much raw food as I can.

The exercise has become a little bit more difficult I have to make sure I give 100% in effort and techniqe this will help to my final results.

Any way I’m off to pour myself another glass of water, I have got swimming training tonight so it’s always an early night on a Monday because when I get out off that pool I’m spent.

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