Well that is it I have completed my four weeks of home bootcamp, my goal was to lose 1 stone unfortunately I didn’t manage to reach that goal, I lost 3.4kg just over 7lb, I can tell you that I am over the moon with that, I myself haven’t been 100% this week so I haven’t completed the full exercise program, I’m feeling a little better so I have decided to repeat my week four so I don’t feel like I didn’t complete it all.

As months go it’s been mad, I had my children very poorly, I’ve had a weekend away, I have had a very busy time at work , along with a work essay and a photography project, oh and did I tell you I was training for the great north swim too. This is life things do get in the way but with the home bootcamp it takes so little time out of your day to do your exercise programme and with daily emails you are encouraged with your diet and tips to improve health.

I can defiantly feel that my clothes have become loose, my energy levels have increased and my sleep pattern has improved. I haven’t had to leave the house to go to the gym as all my sessions have been in my own home, I have either got up early or waited for my children to go to bed to do my work outs. A lot of the stretches, sun salutations and extra exercises my children got involved with which was good fun and great learning for them. I think this programme is excellent it really works for me as a busy working Mum.

I think the last time I wrote my blog I was telling you about eating raw, well I didn’t do too badly with this, the girls at work always make negative comments about my juices and wonder how I can class it as a breakfast but the world’s media have brainwashed on what a breakfast should be. My juices are fresh and full of flavour not to mention the nutrition they provide, which is more than can be said for a bowl of cornflakes.

Another thing I don’t understand is that salad is boring and fruit is boring well I beg to differ, I would say a bag of chips were boring, a load of chopped potatoes fried in oil, chuck salt and sugar on them, oh the sugar is in the vinegar and sauce, the difference is that the chips are convenient
Salads are as exciting as you want to make them so I leave you with a photo of boring salad and boring fruit, I thought they were yummy.

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