Well today’s workout was a little more challenging; in the way that the workouts become more difficult and I knew I couldn’t work out in my lounge on the rug like day one.

I had no heating on today so that helped, I moved to the kitchen to do my work out to stop myself slipping on the carpet and maybe not put holes in it with my feet.

On density day you are supposed to count your exercises this was difficult as I had an audience, my 4 year old son was on the side line making sure everything was done correct, he would say “what you doing mummy” I would say “up dog down dog” to which he would roll around the floor laughing telling me I’m funny.

Any way work out done showered and on to the school run, I love Wednesdays as I don’t start work until 1pm so my son and I sit down to a nice red pepper and tomato omelette  just a great way to start the day. A few things to do before my youngest goes to nursery. Off to work and I can tell you I feel loads better than I did yesterday, the grouchiness has gone, I no longer feel bloated which is good.

Great day at work passing on all my good positive vibes, home to the family for tea which was very simple, oven baked salmon and vegetables. Prepped some vegetables for some more soup to be made tonight too.

I can safely say with a smile on my face I’ve had a good day, I’m tired but a good tired if you get what I mean, I’m off to bed it’s 10.20pm, looking forward to day four.

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