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Well today it pharaohs delight otherwise known as pyramids, I must admit after a late night last night it was very hard to drag my backside out of bed but I did it after having a word with myself, I have a goal to reach and if I stay in bed I’m not going to reach it and it’s as simple as that. Today is a busy day and there is not much time to fit a work out in at any other time.

Great work out really enjoyed it except frog jumps I don’t think I will ever grow to love them.

This morning’s breakfast is a blueberry smoothie and it was yum. Time to get on the school run and off to work. My head is clear now it’s great I whizzed through my day at work with great ease.

My downfall today is that I’m craving jam on toast to the point of almost drooling, got home and grabbed a small bag of Brazil nuts and off to get the boys from school. Jack was quite happy to have soup with me but George only asks for a jam sandwich, no don’t do this to me but I remained strong and stuck with celeriac soup, god this is hard.

I have to keep reminding myself how good I’m feeling at the moment and then tell myself how miserable these foods make me, they do taste nice but the long term effect for me is negative.

Any way it’s swimming training tonight, did I tell you guys that I’m signed up to do the great north swim, it’s a mile open water swim in Lake Windermere in June this year.  At the beginning of the year I could do a granny breast stroke without getting my hair wet, I couldn’t put my face in the water without a nose clip. So I joined a swim fit class at Bedworth leisure centre and it’s great. I can now swim with my face in the water and I’m swimming with timing now.  I even got some fins on last night and swam a bit of butterfly, the teacher said my butterfly was better than my freestyle oh well keep practicing then, going for my 200m on Sunday I will let you know how I get on.

Well anyone who has ever been swimming will know when you get out you are starving, no I didn’t go the chippy, I went home had a few olives a bit of cold chicken and a nice cup of warmed rice milk.

Friday is normally treat night, as a family we may go to Costa grab a drink and a cake and my husband and I may enjoy a couple of glasses of wine but tonight that’s out the window and to be honest I’m shattered any way, I know it will all pay off on Sunday when I do my weight and measurements

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