Catherine is blogging about her experience of following our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home Programme.

Yes it’s Saturday or oh no it’s Saturday I’m going to be exposed to all the vices today, it’s shopping and I can’t buy sweet stuff, cakes biscuits or stop and have recovery coffee. IKEA is also on the list god I love their meatball and chips and a refill sparkling apple. Be strong Catherine!

First thing is to do my stretches and this has become as normal as the first cup of tea of the day.

I get ready and head to the market for the fruit and vegetables, this is probably the cheapest and I feel it’s the best way of buying fruit and vegetables, you can ask about different fruit and veg, ask about how things are cooked, I often taste fruits to make sure they are sweet no point on buying 6 oranges and they are bitter.

Next it’s off to my eldest son’s swimming lesson.

Then it’s what I’ve been looking forward to all week a cooked breakfast. Gluten free sausage, bacon, egg grilled tomatoes and grilled mushroom now that’s what I’m talking about.

I can now tackle IKEA no problem

The rest of my day was taken up with D.I.Y and sorting out as I am preparing to move house

Ok so I sit down this evening and a glass of wine would go down great and I check face book and I’m the only person not going out tonight, I’m going to keep a clear head for swimming tomorrow and while people are recovering from there hangovers I’ll be getting results.

I’ll treat myself to a fresh hot apple juice and cinnamon I think

Bring on results day

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