Well it’s the end of the first week and I must admit I’m feeling alright, I’m managing with the caffeine no problem, I’m not so good with the sugar cravings.

The emails you get every day with the home bootcamp are full of tips on how to manage your cravings.

It time to do my weight and my measurement and it has showed that all the hard work has paid off.

I have lost 2kg that’s just over 4lb so that is well on course for my goal, I’ve lost inches too so I’m really pleased.

I managed to do my 200m at swimming today, I think I had the lifeguard at the edge of his seat at one point but I managed it, I’ll keep practicing.

I have had a typical busy Sunday; we have a Sunday lunch with roast chicken and vegetables. I have also prepped some cottage pie and some soup for the week.

Our little treat for Sunday was to go and watch the ice hockey, I’ve never been there before and it’s really good fun a lovely family evening. On the down side it is packed with plenty of opportunity to eat junk food and drink alcohol. I managed with my bottle of water; I don’t think I would go back if I was on detox because it is hard especially if you are having cravings.

Well I can sleep well now in the knowledge that I am well on my way to my goal, week 2 tomorrow and I want to keep up the good work so I can reach my goal.

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