At Achieve, we are committed to ensuring our members have all of the information they need to succeed in reaching their goals.

Our nutrition programme, The Real Food Plan ® leaves no stone unturned.  However, we are fully aware that during the Party season our members like to let their hair down and relax a little on their diets; in fact, we encourage it.

With that in mind, each year we run the Achieve December Damage Limitation Bootcamp.  The purpose of Damage Limitation is to get through the Christmas season without gaining the expected 10-14lbs or a couple of inches on your waist.

  • We tweak our nutrition plan to fit in with the Party Season and let our members know exactly what they need to do to avoid Damage.
  • How to enjoy a night out without destroying the results they have worked so hard all year to achieve.
  • The best alcoholic drinks to go for if you want to keep achieving.
  • How to eat at a buffet or party without losing the plot.
  • Which items to choose at the office Christmas party that won’t ruin your waist-line.
  • We provide recipes to use up all of the left overs in a healthy way that supports your goals.

This year, December Damage Limitation will be 6 weeks long.  That’s 4 weeks of live sessions across our venues and 2 weeks of online bootcamp to do at home during the Christmas holidays.

Sign up in the usual way and we will guide you through December step-by-step to get to the New Year closer to your goals rather than 14lbs away from them.

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