During January, we are matching every pound (lb) of fat lost by our weight loss and fitness bootcamp members with a pound in cash to our chosen charity – The Coventry & District Samaritans.

At Achieve Bootcamp we get rapid weight loss results by helping our members focus on their health rather than the scales, as a result the scales see big changes.  In the first 7 days on The Real Food Plan and attending our bootcamp just three times we have had 4 members lose albs.  The amount of inches lost is amazing, with a couple of the girls already a dress size (1.5″) down from their waists and hips.

When your body is healthy there is no need for it to hold on to excess body fat.

Something our new members have noticed, is the amount of energy they now have.  Again a result of following a nutrition plan that is based around improving health rather than selling crap diet foods that are full of chemicals and add to your fat stores.

January nutrition top tip, avoid any diet plan that advices you to buy chemical laden, own branded products rather than fresh, real food.  Surely, your instincts tell you that an avocado contains more goodness for your body than a crappy little bar that is only 100 calories.  When you have good health and focus on the quality of the foods you eat, calories become insignificant.

One of the main reasons our members get such good results is nothing to do with our nutrition or exercise plan but to do with mindset.  During the preparation phase our members are given tasks to complete that ensure they are in the right place to achieve.  They have a purpose and strong ‘WHY’ behind their goals, this leads to commitment.

That commitment has got them to sessions in the cold, dark and snow; in fact we had a full turnout this morning and it was -5°C.  I know many gyms were empty this morning as their members didn’t want to go out in the cold.  It is the commitment of our members that guarantees their results.

If you really want to achieve results and hit your targets, our next Achieve Bootcamp starts on Monday 4th February 2013.  You can sign up HERE.

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