Weighing yourself as a method of success is an emotional roller-coaster.

Stepping on the scales gently.

Standing near the back.

Tilting your head slightly to see the number without upsetting the balance.

All methods used to try and ease the number shown.

Most home scales are pretty crap too and depend on so much more than your weight, the position on the floor, the surface they’re on.  The list is endless.

We’ve played around with it.  If I weigh myself in the living room on the laminate, the kitchen on the lino, the garden on the slabs; my weight can change by 3kgs.  And my scales are pretty decent ones I won, valued at about £60.00.

Don’t get me wrong, scales can show a general trend in the right direction over a period of time but there are so many variables that make them inaccurate that they shouldn’t be your main measure of success.

Your weight on the scales can change by up to 7lbs in a day because of fluid balance, hormonal cycle, meal timings, toilet frequency and the list goes on.  Judging your success at the wrong time could cause a downward cycle of feeling like you have failed.

We’ve had members lose two full clothes sizes in only 4 weeks but only 2lbs on the scales.  Their body shapes changed dramatically and their friends congratulated them constantly on how great they looked until they found out the number on the scales, at which they found it hard to hide their disappointment.

The girls that had achieved that were both starting from a point of dehydration and one had a major hormonal imbalance, the scales were never going to be kind to them until they sorted that out.  Which is what we help our members to do.

We focus on our members achieving fantastic health and as a result they achieve amazing results.

This Sunday 5th January 2014, we are having a meet the coaches’ session in a Coventry City Centre Studio, where you can come and meet us and our current members to have a chat about what we do.

We are taking circumference measurements at the session.

Circumference measurements tell us a lot more about what is happening on a success point of view and also give us more details about our members health as they lose inches.

The measurement session was initially going to be for members only.  However, after flicking through the TV guide last night and seeing a channel had dedicated an evening to weight loss and failing at it.

I want to offer our services to anybody starting a diet or exercise programme of any sort on Monday.

We will take the circumference measurements of chest, waist and hips for anybody that books in, for a small donation to charity.  We will then re-measure again at the end of the four weeks as part of our next meet the coaches session.

We are not going to weigh anybody, just take circumference measurements as these show us more throughout the programme.

Details of exactly where the studio is and a map are on – http://www.achievebootcamp.co.uk/meet-the-achieve-bootcamp-coaches/

Let us know if you would like to come along.

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