Michelle is part of the final trial run for our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home programme; more details will be released later this week about how to join and get in great shape without leaving your house.

Over the past month or so I’ve had a set routine of getting up at 5am Monday to Friday and working out, before I go off to work. I had also decided to give up Dairy products as I thought I had an intolerance. I soon realised that I had 100 times more energy, physically healthier, a clear head and felt fantastic throughout the day and evening. For the past few years I have felt lethargic, groggy, extremely sleepy, often felt ill, congested, bloated, sinus issues with facial pain and discomfort, had a horrible taste in the back of my throat, always had a snivel or felt like I had a cold…this was everyday life for me!

Since giving up Dairy products I have felt like a new person, I feel 20 years younger and have bundles of energy. At the weekend I agreed I would start the Achieve Bootcamp at Home so I rushed out food shopping and had my body measurements taken. I thought it would be pretty easy as I had already been training 5 days a week for the past month and was eating pretty healthily. Little did I know what was about to come…

Monday morning I jumped out of bed raring to get started. I completed the Mobility Matrix and the Techinque & Tempo workout. I couldn’t believe it, I struggled to do it. I had to drop my knees on to the floor a few times and catch my breath! I actually found the work out harder than I thought it would be.

I had prepared the healthy pancake mixture the night before (made with yogurt) and started cooking them as soon as I’d finished my workout. I’d never made pancakes before, so I ended up with a thick mixture that I had to scrape off the spoon and into the pan. They didn’t taste fantastic and were hard to swallow but I thought I could eat them for the next 27 days. During the day I started to get the symptoms that I get from eating Dairy, which confirmed to me that I must have an intolerance. For the next 3-4 days I felt really ill, but continued with the healthy eating and exericse. I felt disorganised, had no energy, each day felt hectic and I just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep.

For 4 days I had a constant headache (from not having caffeine) which I woke up with in the morning. I found myself getting quite irritated with people at work and I struggled to concentrate. I found myself constantly talking about food and at times felt ravenous! Once I had got the balance right of eating enough protein throughout the day the constant hunger stopped. I was quite brave and even ate Yellow split pea soup for breakfast, which is something that I’d never have done before. I am actually eating more than I normally would eat and had realised it was just all psychological. Throughout the week I really ached all over from the exercises. I found the Mobility Matrix really helped and I really appreciated the rest days.

Towards the end of the week I could feel the symptoms wearing off and my head was also beginning to feel clear and alert. I had more energy and found the workout on Friday quite easy and completed it all without stopping.

This week has really made me realise the negative effects that food/drinks can have on your body. Overall I found the first week hard due to having Dairy (which I have since cut out) and the Caffeine withdrawals, but I survived and I’m feeling great!

Our members complete food diaries to help us establish which foods are working for them and which are not.  Michelle had suspected dairy wasn’t really doing her any favours, this was confirmed when she introduced yoghurt as part of the plan.  We allow yoghurt and butter in our plan as most people can tolerate it but we keep a close eye on the results of our members and how they feel and advice them to avoid if it doesn’t work for them.  There are lots of alternatives and if you are thinking of cutting out dairy and are worried about getting calcium in your diet there are lots of foods that have a more bio-available for of calcium you can eat.  Almonds and green vegetables are a great place to start.

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