Michelle is part of the final trial run for our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home programme; more details will be released later this week about how to join and get in great shape without leaving your house.

It’s nearly the end of week 2 and all I can say is…Wow! What a transformation! This week has been the total opposite of last week. I have felt fantastic, the weight looks like it’s dropping off me and I have so much energy.

Throughout the last week all of my friends and family have said how fantastic I look, my skin looks so clear and healthy and they could see the weight I’d lost. It’s basically been a week of compliments, which is a great boost. I have stuck to the plan religiously and feel more determined now, as when I first started on Day 1.

I’m off work for 2 weeks so thought I’d have plenty of time to fit everything into my day, but actually it has have been a very busy week. I have been more organised this week, prepared plenty of food in advance and made sure I have plenty of water/snacks for when I go out for the day. Over the weekend I went out to party. I managed to stick to my bottled water, while my friends drank alcohol, ate gorgeous looking TGI’s food and i then declined the offer of chips and Kebab at the end of the night. I must admit by the time I got home I was starving, so ended up eating a healthy Mince and spicy veg that I’d prepared earlier on in the day. I had a great night and really felt that I didn’t need to drink alcohol to have a good time, I even managed to burn some calories on the dance floor. However, due to having a late night and maybe from being dehydrated, I woke up the next day feeling like I had a terrible hangover and had a migraine which lasted the whole day. I spent the day on the sofa, falling asleep and generally feeling like I’d got no energy. As well as feeling rough I could barely move as on the Saturday morning I’d done a heavy work out at Boxing. I did 12 x 3 minute rounds and could definitely feel each and every muscle that I’d worked. The mobility Matrix really helped to loosen me up, as did the Sun Salutation.

I have tried to get to sleep a bit earlier each night, but I’ve been out a lot which has meant I’ve had quite a few late nights. I have still been awake quite early and have got up, instead of lazing around like I could easily have done.

I went to buy some new trousers and underwear yesterday and noticed a big difference. I had gone down to a size 10 from a 12. I only bought a couple of things due to only being on week 2. It felt good looking at my slimmer waistline in the long mirrors. When I lose weight I usually loose it off my boobs, but luckily it seems this time my boobs are staying.

Today I have reflected on the past week and I have felt like I haven’t worked hard enough. I have been frustrated on the ‘Rest Days’, i just wanted to work out, but I know how important it is to rest. When I think back over the years of the different training, fighting and exercise I have done, the Achieve Bootcamp has helped me to lose weight quicker and healthier, than any of the training that I’ve done previously. It’s only week 2 and I have already decided to stick to eating clean when the 4 weeks are up and continue with the exercises.

I’m looking forward to what week 3 will bring Shell x

Michelle could have eaten ‘clean’ at TGI’s but decided that the risk of not knowing what was in the food wasn’t worth it.  Eating out can be limited but most places now have options available if you want to avoid things like gluten or dairy.  We take our members through a re-introduction guide at the end of their first 4 weeks to show them how to eat out etc without undoing the good work they have achieved.

The aim of Achieve Bootcamp, both the live version and the online version, is to increase our members health and their knowledge of how to improve it.  We offer a long term solution that continues way past the time our members are with us, they just have to use the knowledge we arm them with.

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