Michelle is part of the final trial run for our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home programme; more details will be released later this week about how to join and get in great shape without leaving your house.

At the start of week 3 I was filled with such determination to achieve my goal.  This has continued throughout the week.  There have been times when my routine was totally out, but on the whole I’ve continued to be organised and prepared. The exercises were slightly harder this week, compared to last week.  Over the past 3 weeks I have felt like I have not been exercising enough, or that the workouts weren’t hard enough.  However, they are obviously working, as I keep losing centimetres every time I have my body measurements done.  My nails look and feel stronger and my skin looks great too.  I can really see the changes in my body shape.  Everyone still keeps commenting on how much weight I’ve lost and how good I look.  I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, but I know I will do it. I have had a lot of encouragement from friends and family.

I had one day during the week where I was lying in bed and realised that I’d ran out of pancake mixture and hadn’t got any eggs left.  I had a busy day ahead and also had to complete my workout, the mobility matrix, the sun salutation, plus the extra exercise I was given to do. I had arranged too much within the one day.  I ended up not having time for breakfast, managed to get some eggs for breakfast the next day and raced off meet with friends.  Throughout the day I felt starving, dehydrated and my head started to hurt.  I only took one bottle of water with me, but that obviously wasn’t enough.  I usually have hot water with freshly sliced lemon, a glass of freshly blended juice and water before I leave the house. I managed to buy some more water while I was out, but nothing seemed to quench my thirst.  My friend had cooked me a lovely meal, Chick pea curry.  I decided not to have rice with it, as she was cooking the rice in the microwave.  To be honest I didn’t miss the rice and was really glad to be eating!  By the time I got home I still had the work outs to complete and felt like my day was all out of sync, due to working out so late in the evening. I must admit that I have struggled to get to sleep early this week, too many late nights, although I have been up early each day.  I will be back at work next week so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Yesterday I did a circuit with professional boxers, I was so pleased that I completed the session and kept up with them.  Later during the day I started to feel ill, so instead of reaching for the tablets like I normally would, I thought I’d try the natural clean way instead.  To my surprise I felt better and my symptoms started to ease. One of the reasons I didn’t reach for the tablets was because I just don’t know what they contain, so thought it best to go without.  Furthermore, I have only had one migraine during the last 3 weeks, which I have been told is due to the detoxing and eating clean.  I haven’t really ached from exercising during the past week which really surprised me and it also makes a nice change. The month before I started the Achieve Bootcamp I was aching every day from the exercise I was doing.

I still don’t crave chocolate or tea and have got used to getting up extra early to cook my blueberry pancakes. I do seem to spend longer in the kitchen, but overall i think it’s time well spent. I had potatoes this week and noticed that I felt really bloated and my body felt twice the size.  I have decided to cut out potatoes.  Food seems to have more flavour and again I have been told that it is down to the detox and eating clean.

I have been told that the workouts during week 4 are a harder and will take longer to complete.  I will definitely be setting my alarm for 5am, so I know I have enough time for breakfast, to complete each task and workout.  I really don’t want to stop the Achieve Boot camp at Home, I will miss the morning emails with information, reading my daily tasks and the structure it gives you. Hopefully I will get up tomorrow morning feeling well and full of energy…ready to start week 4!

Shell x


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