Michelle is part of the final trial run for our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home programme; more details will be released later this week about how to join and get in great shape without leaving your house.


I woke up Monday morning with no energy, swollen glands, swollen tonsils and feeling awful.  A trip to the doctors confirmed that I had a throat infection.  I notified Darren who immediately said I couldn’t do any exercise at all, drink plenty of water, to sleep as much as possible and to get as many nutrients into my body that I could. I didn’t sleep a great deal throughout the week, especially during the night.  Each day I blasted my body with nutrients to help to boost my immune system.  I had protein, lots of veg and fruit, juices, which were blended with spices, raw garlic, root ginger and basically anything that would benefit me.

Each day I had a relaxing bath.  Luckily on the Sunday I had been shopping and bought some Epsom Salts.  I couldn’t believe the effect they can have when you put them into your bath.  It really made me sweat, my body was so relaxed, my skin was soft and it helped me to sleep.  How have I never used it before now?  I was so glad that I had been shopping and bought lots of fruit and veg, as I didn’t leave the house until the following weekend, so it just goes to show that preparation is the key.  I still continued to eat clean and kept to my daily routine of eating little and often, although I didn’t have much of an appetite.

My nails seemed to grow really quickly over the week and the tips were really white, the best they have looked in a long time.

At the end of the week i had my body measurements done and was happy to find out that I did not put any weight on, as I had previously expected to.  I still lost a few centimetres from around the body, which put a big smile on my face.  Darren and I discussed what would happen next, now that I felt better and had energy again.  I am now going to re-do week 3 and then go on to week 4, so my body eases back into the exercise again. I am also continuing with the detox.  I’m really pleased as I’d work so hard to get to this stage and was disappointed at the thought of not being able to finish the 4 week plan.  I did as I was told and continued to rest over the weekend, apart from a nice long walk along the canal.  It felt great to be out in the fresh air again and I looked forward to exercising again.

Shell x

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