It’s that time of year when Men get to be Men and can openly emulate their 70’s TV and Movie icons.

It’s Movember time!


We get the chance to grow a mo (moustache) to raise awareness of male cancers and health problems.

Two years ago my Dad died from prostate cancer, being an old fashion man he had only told his GP about “issues” he was having.  The GP failed to spot the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer and treated him with antibiotics for 12 months before looking at other options; by which time it was too late and the cancer had spread.

To help raise awareness Achieve offer FREE places on our bootcamps to men who commit to joining the Team Achieve Movember crew and donate at least £35.00 to the team.  It doesn’t matter if you have whisps of facial hair (I personally take about 3 weeks to show any signs of fluff) or you are a full blown yeti.  The aim is to get men talking about their health.


If you would like to take part and claim your FREE place on bootcamp.  Simply join the Team at, donate £35 to the team and I will then send you details of what to do next.

The FREE bootcamp place can only be taken on our next camp – Monday 28th October – Sunday 24th November.


We have one FREE ladies place and will also be offering discounts on all of our services if you reach sponsorship targets.  There is no minimum donation for ladies to join our Team


This years Movember theme is MOvement.  To support this, Team Achieve will be posting daily movement tasks to complete outside of the bootcamp.  That means if you simply follow our progress and advice you will start to get in shape and tone up.

To launch our Movember campaign, we are running a Charity Pumpkin Bootcamp on Monday 28th October at Longford Park, Coventry at 7pm.  Everybody who joins us will receive a Pumpkin and a healthy Pumpkin recipe book to take home with them.

Movember Charity Bootcamp
Movember Charity Bootcamp
Charity Pumpkin Bootcamp on Monday 28th October at Longford Park, Coventry at 7.00pm

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