Catherine starts her journey today on the Achieve Bootcamp @ Home programme.   We use the same principles as our live fitness and weight loss bootcamps, we have simply adapted the workouts to be suitable for completing at home.  Be prepared, they told me at cubs when I was a kid, I didn’t realise I would be giving the same advice years later.  Our detailed preparation phase ensures our members success, Catherine explains a little more.

By now you would have read all your preparation stage, this is all the modules that take you to the beginning of your 4 week journey. If you are like me you are sitting reading it with a nice cup of tea or coffee because you are going to miss this over the next four weeks, I promise it won’t last but you won’t be thinking that over the next couple of days

If you have read all your information you should be ready to go. I have learnt to be more organised over the past couple of years I feel children help with this. I am in the process of making a couple of batches of winter vegetable soup and my husband makes a lovely clean fish pie, you will get used to the word clean, these are the foods you are allowed in the first 4 weeks.

The plan is very easy to navigate around; there is nothing to stop you going back to read over the preparation stages at any time if you feel that you are losing your way.

Water will become your best friend and if you are anything like me water is only ever drank after exercise because it is just boring, make it a bit more interesting chop some fruit like lemon, lime and berries and freeze it to give it some natural flavours.  Fruit and herbal teas are great, I like red bush tea as it is the closest to tea in taste, I also like peppermint tea it has that fresh feeling and when you have a bit of a detox head trust me you need that feeling.

My fridge is now full of fresh fruit and vegetables enjoy your new rainbow of food rather than boring beige food, I would eat this raw but you can enjoy roasting and stir frying them.

Preparing your vegetables in advance and storing in containers in the fridge makes it much easier to grab a quick snack.  With the slices Catherine has prepared above you could make a quick stir fry or eat raw with a dip (homemade using ‘clean’ ingredients).

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