I have listed the most common questions below to provide you with more information about our sessions.

Q. How fit do I have to be to join bootcamp?
A. There are no pre-requisite fitness levels for bootcamp.  We have members who have never exercised before but love being outside and wanted to give it a try.  We also have members who are regular gym goers, but weren’t really getting anywhere; spending hours slaving away on treadmills and cross-trainers without getting results.  There are also a couple of high level exercisers who compete in marathons.

Our coaches are personal trainers and treat every bootcamp member as their 1-1 clients.  We keep groups small so we can give everyone an option suitable for their own level of fitness.

Q. What sort of exercises do you do at bootcamp? 
A. The main piece of equipment we use at bootcamp is YOU.  Our exercises have been selected to help you get the most from your body; we follow the principles of human movement.  Performing movements our bodies have been doing since we were cavemen.  The exercises we use have been chosen to have the biggest effect on your metabolism.  We have lots of different sessions from poker and play your cards right; to rounders and animal days.

You don’t need lots of fancy kit to get fit and lose fat.  Many gyms are full of equipment that is rarely used and is pointless for most members.  The resistance equipment at many gyms is designed to isolate muscles, this is the method favoured by bodybuilders – not the way to improve fitness or burn fat.

However, we do run sessions using suspension training and also boxing fitness sessions, there’s nothing like hitting pads for stress relief and fat blasting.

Our bootcamps follow the same method of periodisation we use with our personal training clients; this ensures that your fitness is constantly moving in the up direction and we avoid the risk of injury that many pay-as-you-go classes have.

Q. Do you offer any diet advice?
A. All members of Achieve Bootcamp are guided step-by-step through The Real Food Plan.  This is the exact programme I use with my 1-1 clients to achieve fantastic results. Everything you need to complete 28 days of ‘clean’ nutrition is included from instructional videos to meal planners.  Our bootcamp members also share recipes and ideas in the private members only area of the website.

Q. I work shifts, is it possible to change from group to group?
A. Yes, that is cool. We’d just like you to let the instructor know before hand. You can attend any of the sessions on offer, although we recommend that for recovery you don’t do any more than 4 per week.

Q. What’s the catch with the money back guarantee?
A. There isn’t one. I am that confident in the W.A.R.R.I.O.R. principles we use, that you can’t fail to achieve results. If you follow our advice 100% and don’t drop at least one clothing size in in the four weeks, I will gladly refund your investment and give you your next bootcamp for FREE.

Q. What if it rains?
A. We get wet. Our bootcampers are commited to achieving their goals and get on with it. Achieve Bootcamp runs every month of the year; obviously, we will experience some adverse weather conditions. We adjust the sessions to ensure they are safe but effective for the conditions we are faced with.
“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing” – Ranulph Fiennes.